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Links to Cool Pictures (They all work now. I tested them on 8/10/97)

In the interests of making desktops around the globe more interesting, I've collected a list of links to pictures that you might find interesting. All are of proportion, resolution and color balance that make them suitable for desktop use. MacOS 8 supports desktop pictures already, but if your Mac needs a utility for displaying pictures on your desktop instead of patterns, you may want to follow this link to Décor. Deskpicture works, too, except that I don't think it supports JPEGs yet. The file sizes and file formats follow the name of each picture.




Please note that I'm just supplying links, not the actual images. If one of the providers removes an image before I've had a chance to update the page, the link may fail. I browse the various photo archives of the net frequently, so I'll update this list as I find other interesting stuff. For more info about image compression and file formats, follow this link.

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