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Below is a listing of favorite albums from my CD collection. Sorry, but most of the sound clips bit the dust because I need the space for some QuickTime movies on my wife's web page.

Al Di Meola: Kiss My Axe--37 seconds, 1.6MB. Click Al's name to download a sample!

1.  South Bound Traveler
2.  The Embrace
3.  Kiss My Axe
4.  Morocco
5.  Gigi's Playtime Rhyme (Interlude #1)
6.  One Night Last June
7.  Phantom
8.  Erotic Interlude (Interlude #2)
9.  Global Safari
10. Interlude #3
11. Purple Orchids
12. The Prophet (Interlude #4)
13. Oriana (September 24, 1988)
Artistically and technically sublime, Al DiMeola defies categorization. While typically found in the Jazz section of music stores, Al plays techno/fusion/synth guitar with a twist of Latin persuasion. This selection is from South Bound Traveler, the first track from the album Kiss My Axe, which is a great one for long road trips in the car.

The liner notes by Bill Milkowski state, The fire is back. After you hear this album, you'll swear that Al's got at least 10 fingers on each hand.

p.s. If you've got a subwoofer, make sure to roll the windows down a bit; otherwise The Embrace might blow 'em out:)

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