Who Is Steven Kan?

Thanks for asking! I'm currently a first year consultant in the Los Angeles office of The Boston Consulting Group, a management consulting firm. I very recently graduated from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. To alumni/ae, Stanford University is affectionately known as The Farm, due to its prior employment as a working farm before its wealthy owners (the Stanfords) saw fit to turn it into a university. Stanford is a wonderful place to be, both for its educational opportunities (they made me say that) and for its location, weather and lifestyle. Although we we work hard, we play hard, too. But, to begin at the beginning:

I was born in Mountain View on 12 April 1970. That's right. Despite my image as a die-hard SoCal, I'm actually a Bay Area native. I'm an Angeleno in emulation only (a computer joke for you gearheads out there). Although officially from the Bay Area, I've lived the majority of my life in Los Angeles.

I attended Miraleste High School in Rancho Palos Verdes, where in addition to earning a reputation as the class geek and The Next Spock, (Honest. It's in the yearbook.) I played a lot of water polo.

After that I went back east to Harvard, where I majored in East Asian Studies, froze my butt off, and played more water polo.

After graduating from college, I was fortunate enough to get a job with The Mouse; that is, The Walt Disney Company. I was a financial analyst in their real estate company, Disney Develpment Company (DDC), for two-and-a-half years. During that time I worked on some great projects and spent a lot of the shareholders' money. I also played a lot of water polo (is there a theme here?)

Of course, the most significant things about my experience at Disney are still with me. For one, my mentors Mitch Hill and Rob Bitman wrote recommendations which helped me get in to Stanford. Thanks also to Charlie Wood of C.E. Peterson & Co. for his recommendation. The second significant event involves my significant other. While doing diligence on an ice rink project, I met my wife: The one, the only, the beautiful and talented, Tiffany Chin. We've been together for four years, and hopefully that's only about one percent of the total.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you like the rest of the page.


If you're a prospective employer, please read my resume. Click here to view it with your Web browser, or click here to download a copy in Microsoft Word format (v. 6.0.1).


I'm one of a family of five:

From left to right, we are me (Steven), my younger brother Kevin, my older brother Michael, my mother Sylvia, and my father David.

Michael just started as a first year consultant with the Mitchell Madison Group, after receiving his MBA from the Haas School at UC Berkeley. For those of you in the business world, you realize that that makes us direct competitors. Hmmm.

Kevin just graduated with a Bachelor's in the Political Economy of Industrialized Societies, also from Berkeley. My mother runs a small electronics manufacturing firm, Pulse Instruments, in Torrance, California, and my father runs its spinoff, Pulse Research Lab in San Pedro, California.

Next to the family is Pouncer, Michael's cat. He's family, too. Don't let Pouncer's dour expression mislead you. He's a very happy cat.

This next picture is a one of Michael and me soon after I was born. I've since grown quite a bit.

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