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Welcome to my new home! Note that this page may not be quite what you were looking for. I've moved to a new domain. Please see the menu below to get where you're going, and remember to bookmark the pages' new locations!

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The Menu:

The PowerMac 6100 Upgrade Site--A collection of resources and information on upgrading a popular, but misunderstood, machine.
The Kan Family Recipe Page--Under construction, but soon to have great things!
My Resume--Click here to get my resume in HTML or Microsoft Word (v. 6.0) format. I'm currently employed with the Boston Consulting Group in Los Angeles, but if you want to read my resume, go ahead!
Who am I? Why is this page here?--A page with a brief bio, pictures of my family, and a blurb on why I put these pages together.
Sports--Links to info about my favorite sports.
Music--Some recommendations for CDs to buy, and even a sample audio clip to download. I'll try to rotate the audio clips every few weeks or so. I've been lame about it this year, but I'll try to keep up.
Pictures--Links to some neat pictures for your desktop, and a shareware utility to put 'em there (Mac only).
Games--Links to some shareware demos of my favorite games. Get DOOM, Descent, Hexen, and Marathon II here!
Friends & Family--No, it's not a plug for MCI, it's just some links to pages of friends and relatives.
Hell--Links to things nuclear. Just for curiosity.
Pulse Research Labs--(Under Construction) The home page for my dad's company.
Tiffany Chin's Home on the Web--A page dedicated to one of the most beautiful and talented figure skaters of all time. In my humble opinion, of course. New Quicktime footage!
Making a Crossover Cable--How to make the cable that's necessary for connecting two computers via 10BaseT Ethernet.
Simple Mac-PC Networking--Definitely not user-friendly, but here's how to get a Mac to talk to a PC for very little money via 10BaseT Ethernet.
A battery-powered Ethernet hub--Definitely "geek's delight" here, but if you've ever wondered how to get a game of network Marathon going on a plane . . .
Saturn Gas Mileage Chart--A graph that shows the gas mileage from every tank I've ever put into my Saturn.
Bookmarks--A page with my bookmarks. For my own use, really, but you can look if you want to.
Control Panel--You can't go here. Sorry.

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