Here is an old picture of me @ the gloryhole in NorCal (thanks to Licker for the pic).

Pics from my trip to San Carlos, Baja California

Items for Sale: Windsurf stuff, snowboard stuff, you name it, I need to get rid of it
The Lemming Tales: My brother Michael's web-diary of his twin sons Matthew & Benjamin
Pics from my cousin Lien's Wedding
Kan Family Main Page: from my cousin Paul's website
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mail2web: read and send your email from any computer What the hell are they singing? Well, now you can find out.
Imaging Resource: camera and scanner reviews, very thorough


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MacMAME: is an arcade emulator you can download for your Mac which allows you to read the original ROMs from all those old arcade games you used to play as a kid. Remember Defender and Ms. Pac Man?
Ambrosia Software makers of Aperion and Maelstrom
Pangea Software makers of Nanosaur
Netscape's introduction to HTML frames


Northern California Ski Reports
The United States Amateur Snowboard Association (USASA) Home Page
Transworld Snowboarding Online
Transworld Snowboarding Business Online

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Guitar Tablature allows you to access any e-mail account from any browser
Yahoo! stock quotes
Yahoo! stock quotes for me

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