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This is a poll to determine which one manufacturer we should petition to write a Mac OS driver for their USB-to-Wireless Adapter. Before you cast your vote, take into consideration the companies' historical performance, including price, delivery, reliability, Mac support, firmware upgrades, etc.

Mac USB-Wireless Driver Petition
Which manufacturer should we petition
for a Mac OS driver for their USB-Wireless Adapter?
You can only vote once!!!

BUSLinkBUSLink USB Wireless Kit
CompexWavePort WLU11
GigafastWireless Engine741-UI
ProximHarmony OpenAir USB
OtherEnter name on Results page


Background Info/Purpose of this Poll

Apple's Airport is a wonderful technology. Because Airport is based on an open standard, IEEE 802.11b, Airport products can work with other 802.11b products and vice-versa. The rest of the computing industry is churning out 802.11b-based products by the hundreds, and the prices are dropping rapidly. That's the good news.

Unfortunately, Apple products prior to the iBook do not have built-in Airport support, and it is often difficult to add Airport/802.11b support to them. That's the bad news.

There are four primary classes of computers for which this an issue, some of which have solutions, some which don't, and some for which it's a possibility:

  • Pre-PCI Macs (e.g. non-PoweMacs, Nubus PowerMacs, early PowerBooks)--We're outta luck. There is no solution, and probably never will be.
  • Early PCI Macs (e.g. from the 7200 up to the G4)--some PCI card carriers for 802.11b cards have Mac support
  • PCMCIA PowerBooks--Use a supported PCMCIA 802.11b card. There are several that are supported.
  • Early iMacs--The only possible solution is a USB-Wireless adapter. There are several such products, but none have Mac OS drivers. That's what this poll is about.
One of the manufacturers might write a Mac OS driver for their product if they thought enough people would buy it. Unfortunately that market is rather small, so we are much more likely to get the attention of a manufacturer if we concentrate our efforts on one manufacturer. The purpose of this poll is to pick one manufacturer that we would like to write a Mac OS driver for their product.

Note that this solution might also work for the pre-G4 PCI Macs. Although they can us the PCI card carriers, a USB solution might be cheaper, especially if you already have USB.

Thanks for voting!

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